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Painter and Aerographist

Silvia Belviso was born in Bari in 1979 and, after obtaining her diploma as an art teacher at the "De Nittis" Art School in Bari, she immediately wanted to extend her artistic preparation by enrolling herself in the "Ippogrifo" art workshop of maestro Signorile. . Ten years of uninterrupted frequency of this "multi-expressive" workshop allowed her to deepen and experiment all the pictorial techniques and those of the other expressions of artistic communication until reaching a documented preparation through the numerous presences in solo and group shows, national and 'abroad.

He began his specialization in painting at the end of the arts in 2003 in Florence, then Rome where he actively collaborated with the Italian Airbrush Association. He continues his career as a painter / teacher and organizer of national art exhibitions for emerging and non-emerging artists.

Since 2014 he has perfected himself in portrait, custom painting and hyper-realistic painting at the Blair School of Art in South Carolina (U.S.)

AEROGRAPHY teacher since 2006.

President and founder in 2015 of the Cultural Association VoXart, promoter of the Art in all its forms.

Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature with historical / artistic address.


January 2014

Collective exhibition at the Art Gallery of Philadelphia (U.S.A.)

March 30, 2013

Personal exhibition in the United States "OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND" - Leonardo Da Vinci Art Alliance - PHILADELPHIA (U.S.A)

12 December 2012 - 23 January 2013

Culture + legalita = Liberta, the art against the mafia, Naples

Organized by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples in collaboration with the Department of Public Security - State Police

December 17th 2011 - January 30th 2012

ART IS NOT THAN OUR curated by Vittorio Sgarbi - closing event of the Venice Biennale - Italy Pavilion - Nervi Hall of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Turin

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