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PAINTER MIMMO CARRINO (1934-2016) Mimmo Carrino was born in Taranto (South Italy); at the end of his classical studies, in 1953 he began the pictorial journey with tempera, watercolors and oils that refer to a figure and landscapes with canvases and even large supports. In this phase the detachment from the figurative is operated and the abstract intuition begins to manifest itself through the cycle of "fragments" with compositions and decompositions of a conceptual nature. Follow the cycles of macro structures, archetypes, hypophanies, constellations, and the informal. The time span that goes from the 80s to 2016, sees the artist engaged in a continuous research that leads to the short cycle of the "pitto - sculptures" and subsequently to the vast production of the "spirals". The discovery of overlapping painting sees the light of hundreds of acrylic papers of an exquisitely abstract expressionist character. Pictorial tendency that largely characterizes the entire production of the paintings up to our days, but which do not exclude the return to fragmented figurative visions that refer to surrealism: in fact the oneiric and mystery attraction is an unavoidable component of the artist. The last period is based on a research based on abstraction, made of "painting for painting" in which the gesture and the color find free expression in the "vibrations and arabesques" or in the interactions between sign, light and color. Criticism has accused the author of being "wavy" because, despite being essentially an abstract - expressionist painter, he does not hesitate to immerse himself in surreal atmospheres, but this responds to the need to express moods, motivations and impulses representative of the dream. All the works, not previously studied and processed, materialize through the priming of the surfaces; the drafting of tones; the reliefs and the drippings that all contribute to the definition of the composition. Consequently it is a work in progress, the result of impulses and sudden initiatives. This happens because the artist operates under the dictatorship of an incessant and innovative need for research in order to deepen a mystery analysis that he cannot or does not want to avoid. INFO: Contatto telefonico: 3341866906 Email:

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